Bio Power Phil Heath Signature Wristband

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Bio Power Phil Heath Signature Wristband. When heated by the human body, the minerals emit far infrared radiation that increases cellular metabolism, induces analgesia, promotes muscle relaxation, and decreases inflammation and oxidative stress.
Bio Power is targeted to help athletes of every age and condition gain a competitive edge to go faster and dig deeper.
Bio Power is engineered to promote muscle relaxation, helping the body rejuvenate and relax by releasing toxins and tension.
Bio Power is a patent pending technology designed to optimize the body's natural ability to produce energy.
Bio Power is geared to help the body restore itself and generate increased energy, by harnessing the effects of bioceramics.
Bioceramics are ultrafine mineral particles extracted from the Amazon rainforest that have photo thermal properties

XS/S - 6" to 7" wrist
M/L - 7.5" to 8.5" wrist
XL/XXL - 8.5" to 9.5" wrist